Meditation Weekend: Mindfulness and the Body


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  • Locatie: De Wijkplaats

Vipassana Leiden organizes a meditation weekend about Mindfulness of the Body, by Sayalay Chandhadika and are happy to welcome you on November 25th & 26th.

Sayalay is a Buddhist non, originally from Myanmar, who thoroughly studied and meditated amongst others with Sayadaw Pa Auk.

Meditation on the first foundation of mindfulness: The body. You can experience the body always in the present moment and the body is a strong base for mindfulness. It’s coming home when we observe the body. Sayalay Chandhadika will guide us this weekend in the different categories of the body: – the postures, the breath, the characteristics of the four elements: hardness, softness, heaviness, lightness, smoothness, roughness, hot and cold, fluidity and cohesion and movement. Together with this practice, we will explore to understand Buddhist concepts of Emptiness (Suññata) and Non-self (Anatta).
Date & schedule
Saturday 25th November 10:00 – 21:00, the door opens at 9:30
Sunday 26th November 9:00 – 16:00, the door opens at 8:30

De wijkplaats
Topaaslaan 23
2332 JC Leiden

Tea and coffee and hot meals at 12:00 will be provided. Saturday at 18:00 there is soup (you can bring your own sandwiches from home)
Teachings will be in English, translated in Dutch if needed.

Cost are on dāna basis. You can give what is comfortable to give for you. An indication of the cost we make is 40 euro for 2 hot meals, soup, coffee & tea and rent of the building.

Besides this you are encouraged to offer dāna to the teacher for her teachings and support for the continuation of the dhamma.

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